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 I 5 problemi più comuni delle strutture ricettive | Smartpricing

The 5 most common hotel problems and how to solve them

The life of a hotelier may seem simple, but it's not! Here are the most common challenges and how to overcome them.

Top 5 travel trends 2024 | Smartpricing

Top 5 travel trends influencing bookings in 2024

Find out what trends are already impacting next season's bookings.

Smartpricing presents LAB training platform | Smartpricing

Smartpricing presents LAB: hands-on training for your success!

LAB is more than an academy: courses and tutorials to go straight from theory to results.

Disintermediating from OTAs: 4 basic strategies | Smartpricing

How to disintermediate from OTAs: 4 basic strategies

Increasing direct bookings and getting rid of commissions is possible: here's why and how to do it.

How to optimize your hotel rates with yield management | Smartpricing

Yield management: Why you only need 3 rates to grow your hotel

Learn why an over-extended offer risks limiting your hotel's bookings.

How to upsell in hotels without annoying guests | Smartpricing

How to upsell in hotels without annoying guests

To sell your additional services well, you need to focus on good timing and adding value. Here's how to do it!

Gut Heidefeld

What customers say about Smartpricing & SabeeApp: Gut Heidefeld

In this interview, Yvonne Loock, Managing Director of Gut Heidefeld in Bocholt, shares her experience.

The 4 most common fears about artificial intelligence and hotel revenue management | Smartpricing

Artificial intelligence in hotels: here are the 4 most common fears (and why they are fictions)

Learn how you can leverage AI to effectively improve price management in your hotel

The soft skills important for hotel reception staff | Smartpricing

Does your reception staff have the right soft skills? Here are 5 exercises to test it!

Empathy, problem-solving, stress management and teamwork: find out why they are essential.

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