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Our mission

To become the most useful and beloved company on a global level for the hospitality sector by providing the most intelligent and user-friendly software on the market.

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How can Smartpricing be described?

Here is what you’ll find in Smartpricing, besides great people and a plethora of technical expertise:

An environment where mistakes are permitted

At Smartpricing, to err is not only human, but it is an integral part of the growth path and a source of learning.

A place where you are a person and not just a pawn

Even before meeting co-workers, you’ll meet people. Our organisation is based on interaction, respect, and inclusion.

A place where your voice counts

Beyond the working role, your thoughts are important. Every day, we try to compare notes, exchanging feedback and making room for everyone’s ideas.

Continuous growth

Being part of a quickly growing start-up like Smartpricing lets you learn as you work. There is never a dull moment here!

The possibility of remote working

We are a fully remote company where working from home is the norm. However, if you prefer the office, there will always be a free desk for you.

Fun and sharing of experiences

Life is more than just work! At Smartpricing, we organise staff leisure days in the name of fun and sharing.

What are “Smarties” saying?

Our values

No “jerks”

That’s right. We won’t stand for anyone who is rude, underhanded, and condescending to others.


We Smarties are firm believers in reciprocal feedback and always telling the truth. This is the only way a company and the people who are part of it can grow.

Inclusion and respect

We want sincerity, but always with respect for others and their ideas. Furthermore, at Smartpricing there is no distinction of sex, nationality, or colour.

Constant learning

Feedback and mistakes are an integral part of growth and improvement. We know that we never stop learning so we are in a continuous state of training.

Remote working

Some prefer working remotely and others like the office. It makes no difference to us. The important thing is that you are in the ideal environment to unleash your talent.

Leaders, not bosses

We hire managers to guide and inspire others, not to boss them around. Respect, humility, and a culture of feedback apply the same way to junior and senior staff.

What do our talented employees value most?

Autonomy and

Openness and


“A positive environment, a growing start-up, a company culture extremely open to feedback, and the chance to make mistakes.”

No jerks! Teamwork and helpful managers (no hierarchies).”

“A young and dynamic environment (really), fully remote work (otherwise I wouldn’t have joined), stimulating work, the chance to earn more responsibility, listening.”

“Growth path, mistakes accepted and looked at as learning tools, peaceful work climate, and outstanding rapport between co-workers.”

The environment within the team is peaceful, motivating, stimulating, and friendly. It helps everyone to be productive and to always give 200%.”

“Collaboration, constant support, continuous growth, inclusion, and constructive interaction.”

“The work environment, extremely direct and constructive rapport with the managers and with the owners, work/life balance.”

Autonomy in organising work, extremely nice and courteous co-workers.”

“There is an outstanding climate of healthy and competitive collaboration. We work together to achieve personal and company goals. We seek solutions and not guilty parties.

“Collaboration between co-workers, peaceful climate, the opportunity to develop new skills and to grow on a professional level.”

“Smarties” love to have fun